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April 11, 2012


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I haven't seen the STR series nor some of the other resources you link, but cursorily would say that there seems to be a dichotomized way of thinking about reason and emotion that colors the way many Westerners think about the two. To further muddy the waters, we *experience* both reason and emotion! There's no question that feeling affects reason, and vice-versa, and true objectivism is only available to the human being on a very limited basis, if that (and not required either, I would say). The point is to have rightly ordered emotions, or feelings, as well as reason--what you are probably referring when you speak of a middle ground. I do think that Christianity is highly relational. Our relationship to God has everything to do with our relationship to everything else. There is no right reason, or right feeling, outside of an uncorrupted relation to God.

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