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November 21, 2011


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Great post, Rusty.

On "sport," that can't be Witherington the scholar speaking, as his definition is less than scholarly. The sport of hunting has to do with opposing wits and skill of hunter and prey. (I know of hunters who consider hunting for the food they put on the table to require certainly no less character than farmers who raise and butcher animals in captivity, or consumers who purchase it at the store!)


Thanks, Bonnie. That's a very good point about the sporting aspect of hunting.

Tom Erwin

Hi Rusty. Thanks for posting a rational rebuttal regarding Ben Witheringtons' article. By his reasoning cars and phones also should be banned/controlled rather than punishing the person driving or texting (or shooting).


Thanks, Tom. Yes, it's the same old incorrect logic, which blames the object instead of the person. Even IF it was possible to remove all firearms from the public (something that I think is, short of a completely totalitarian state, impossible), man would still find ways to harm his fellow man.

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