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July 25, 2011


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I'm looking at your introduction here and for me it is quite personal. My kids and their peers have been struggling with the aspects of Christianity you discuss here and the cultural doctrines of their peers and world...because the way the culture presents its view is very doctrinal in nature.

Interested in your views, and at the same time having come to a conclusion that it is the Western piecemeal way we live and teach about Christ that is the root of the problem. That can happen with a number of approaches that the Church (we who believe) has in methodology. Given that 1,2,3 points are true about our culture, we should keep in mind that this is the status quo view. I've come to believe that we've lost a great deal not in the exposure of negatives, but in the lack of wholeness.

What I hope to find in your posts is your own perspective and analysis (which has been excellent) and how that might relate into pragmatic steps to take in dealing with the next generation. I had always elevated "truth" to preeminence, but I believe that Christianity is truth wrapped in grace... and that is the Christ I met so many years ago, and the one that I ought to be representing in my life. The grace part was sadly de-emphasized for and by me.

So I begin with my own premise that pragmatism in itself is not a problem, nor is strong emotional content... but willing to view imbalance as most likely a real handicap in the type of wholeness I'm trying to describe here.


oh yes, did I say "good post!"? I should have. You fine craft these type of posts, Rusty... and they are always deeply thought provoking when you do.

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