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January 20, 2009


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Hope, peace and love

Not many, sadly, think of what GOD the Almighty has said about "You shall not Kill" that is written with His own hand on the tables of the "Ten Commandments." Listen and wake up America!!! Prosperity, jobs opening, cutting or adding taxes, etc. etc. will not do any good AT ALL if we do not OBEY GOD's LAWS. This country, with a PRO=Choice, meaning favoring ABORTION, will die faster than any economy because GOD, Jesus the King who is seated on His throne ruling the entire world and galaxies will not be overpower by someone who just came to sit on a small sit on the Oval office. The Power has GOD, the I AM, the almighty one and No one ELSE!!!!! So, if your favorite president Obama is promising to do this or that for America, he does have no idea that HE by going against God's laws this country can sink faster than any malaria andit will truly be A c
ureOF DEAD. Obama is a pro-choice meaning he OKAYS Murder!!, Hear that? MURDER!! So, you, out there, if you have some fear of your eternity and to face your creator, YOU better speak and make your voice be HEARD by this NEW PRESIDENT to VAN abortion. We, the people who love, respect, obey and fear GOD will not permit this atrocity and or course will not pay any taxes so babies can be kill and kill and kill, NO and NO!!!! If you believe that abortion is okay, then you'll have to give account to God on your DEAD day, and believe me dead does not have calendar so you better beprepare and be with God’s law and NOT MAN’S LAS!! So, if you believe, respect, fear and love your creator, make your voice hear to the new president to van AB ORTION, Murdering of innocent babies. What would have happen if your mother aborted you? You would not exist or make ungodly choices but God has given you this beautiful chance to live so you can be in his glory for eternity. It is your choice, I already made mine long ago and I am extremely happy and at peace for I know I will see GOD!!!

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