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December 25, 2005


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Kyle Smith

Hello, my name is Kyle, i live in strafford, MO. and i just ran across your website, i never really thought you could get such wonderful pics hear in green county and webster. here latley i've been trying to learn the ways of a photography, and i love your pics. so if you had the time maybe you couls tell some good idea's about taking photo's. thanks

Rusty Lopez

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for your comments on my photography! If there's any secret to taking good photos it's "learn the rules... then break them!" Seriously, a person should learn how their camera works (e.g., depth of field, etc.) and what makes a good photo (e.g., composition, rule of thirds, action, soft focus, panning, etc.). From that point it's a matter of learning by doing.

Another point to consider is that you should develop an eye to find an interesting shot no matter where you are (even in Green and Webster counties). As a photographer, you're attempting to see things from a different perspective (figuratively and literally). Post processing helps tremendously but, despite what you can do in Photoshop, you want to start from a well-shot image.

For other examples of the photographer's perspective, you might check these sites:

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